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Topic: Weird problem in Gigastudio

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    Weird problem in Gigastudio

    Sometimes it happens that when I save a performance file and reload it after rebooting all the articulations are assigned to the same instrument number, so that my performance file gets messed up. Does anyone know of a way to get around this? Cause it\'s pretty annoying to have to put a new performance file together, reassign all the channels, program changes etc...

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    Re: Weird problem in Gigastudio

    When you reboot, the default performance will be loaded. I am very carefull to keep my default file to reflect the templet of my orchestra I use most of the time. If I have to use a different performance, after starting the program, I load that file. I find that some of the instruments which are not used in this performance but were in the default file will be still there. I then go and kill all the non-mapped instruments with one click. All sorts of problems I got into until I realized that when you shut down, and you have made some changes, GS will ask if you wish to save the changes. If you do wish to save them, make sure it is saved in the performance file you want it, otherwise it maybe saved in the default file.
    I hope this helps,


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