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Topic: One question about overture

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    One question about overture

    I\'ve noticed that when I look to notes in Graphic Window they are roughly 80% of they written duration long.
    Is there any way to define 100% duration for every note I enter in the score ?
    I\'ve checked the preferences and the option but haven\'t find anything useful.


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    Re: One question about overture


    Go to the Options menu -> Play Style -> As written...

    This should take care of the problem, if it doesn\'t, try the other options in the Play Style menu.

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    Re: One question about overture

    Hi Alan,
    thank for your answer.
    I had already checked the \"Play as written\" option but this didn\'t work.
    NO matter which option you select, the duration of the note seems always do be lower than the written one.


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    Re: One question about overture

    Until Don adds the option to set the default playback note length, do the following:

    1. Press Ctrl-a (same as Edit --> Select All); otherwise, drag-select the notes that you want to playback at 100%.
    2. Press Ctrl-y (same as Notes --> Modify).
    3. Set the values in the Modify Notes dialog box to \"[Legato] [Duration] to [100]%\" and click OK.


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    Re: One question about overture

    I think that most string, brass, and woodwind instruments generally play only 80-90% of a note unless otherwise instructed, such as with a slur.

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    Re: One question about overture

    There is a hidden way to set default durations for notes entered with the mouse. Open the step Input window and set the duration value to X%. Now close the window. Overture uses this value when entering notes with the mouse of Step Input window. I\'ll implement this in a better way in the future.


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    Re: One question about overture


    Good to see you posting here.

    Is there any way within Overture to permanently affix an articulation to a specific note head? In tight scoring situations, I\'m finding that articulations are drifting all over the place. Sometimes, I\'ll lay an articulation right on top of a note head, yet the articuation\'s \"drop line\" will seek out and attach itself to another note in another staff ten or twenty times the distance away.

    TIA for your reply.

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