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Topic: Studio Setup templates in OSX

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    Studio Setup templates in OSX

    Hi !
    I really enjoy the Garritan Personal Orchestra.

    Everything has worked fine until yesterday. I use Digital Performer 4 , Sibelius, and Overture.

    When I opened Ouverture there was a ready to go GPO studio template in the tracks window before.
    Now it is substituted by Quicktime internal syntheziser , which is not what I want.

    I have tried to reinstall Personal Orchestra but there is no difference.

    Where can I find the studio templates - and more important - where should they be saved and placed on the hard disk.

    I use Panther 10.3.3 on a G5 1.8 GHZ

    Best regards Ingvar


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    Re: Studio Setup templates in OSX

    Are you using GPO studio? If the answer is yes, you have to start GPO studio before starting Overture or Sibelius otherwise they don\'t \"see\" it.
    I think it works the same for the stand-alone version of Kontakt.

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