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Topic: What exactly does "sustain/Sostenuto pedal mode"

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    What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mode\"

    This is a question for the programmers of GPO.

    Could you please explain, in terms of Midi setting (that could be used for other sampler) what is happening when you change the differents modes in the \"Sustain/Sostenuto Pedal mode\" setting in \"Kontakt Player\"?

    I ask this because I try to simulate in \"VSampler\" with \"GOS Lite\" the legato function of \"GPO\".

    I created in \"VSampler\" one instrument with two groups of samples of \"GOS lite\" (one group with a soft attack and one group with a hard attack).
    I set each group to react (to be be played) when a pecific controller is activated.
    Theoretically, each kind of controller can be choosed in \"VSampler\" for this.
    For example it works wonderfull with Key Switch.
    But when choosing the sustain pedal as a controller (as in GPO), I can only get sound when the pedal is up.
    When the pedal is down, no sound is coming.

    So if its not a secret ;-) and not specific to Kontakt Player, I would like to know if something special has to be set (and what it is) in \"VSampler\" (or in other sampler) in order to be able to use the sustain pedal in the same way \"GPO\" does it for the legato function.

    Regards and thanks


    (BTW after receiving for some days \"GOS Lite\", I could import it without problem in VSampler.
    Keyswitches and modulation are working.
    The only thing I noticed is that \"VSampler\" set the Keyswitch to his own keys.)

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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod


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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod

    GOS and GPO use very different programming for very different samplers.

    Legato in GOS is obtained by using the Maestro Tools, included with GOS.

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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod

    Thanks for your answer ... but it seems to me that it is not really what I asked ;-)
    But maybe I dont really understand what you want to say with your answer.

    I can try asking with other words:

    When using \"GOS lite\" with a sampler, you can use \"keys\" to switch between several intruments.
    Instead of \"Keys\", I would simply like to use a \"sustain pedal\" to switch between two instruments.
    Thats all.

    But, though in the sampler I use (VSampler) it seems to be possible to use the sustain pedal to switch between samples, for a reason I dont understand, I did not succeed using the sustain pedal for this!
    So I just wondered if something special has to be taken in account in the midi setting of the sampler in order to get the sustain pedal acting as a key switch.

    I had this idea because in \"GPO\" and the Kontakt player you have to set something special in order to get the Sustain pedal acting as sustain pedal or acting for the legato function.
    I naively thought that the legato function is something like using an other kind of sample
    (like switching between two version of the same sample)
    And I am curious to know if this setting is something you can set in an other Sampler.


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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod

    sorry, I thought you were asking how to mimmick the legato feature... I\'ve never used V-Sampler and don\'t know if it will allow you to set up the sustain as a keyswitch, but hopefully one of our V-Sampler users can help you out? anyone?

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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod

    The function with the sustain pedal in GPO is a total different beast than what your looking at. GPO uses CC64 for it\'s functions which is just the normal sustain pedal command.

    You would have to see if the sustain pedal can be remapped to send specific key on commands for when the pedal is down and a different one once it\'s up. Never used Vsampler so I don\'t know if this is possible.

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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod

    Thanks for your answer Alan and Haydn,

    to Allan:
    well I do try to \"mimmick\" the legato feature of GPO but in a very primitive way ;-)
    I noticed that the attack of the volume enveloppe of the samples of for example the instrument serie \"1st Vln Sus\" in GOS lite are pretty big (170 ms)
    So setting the attack to 0 ms gives you a much quicker response without changing the string caracter.
    So I organise the samples of an instrument in two groups:
    One group with the default attack value and one group with the same samples but with the attack value set to 0 ms.
    Switching between the two groups gives a kind of \"primitive\" legato function similar to the described legato function in GPO manual and it is quite easy to realise.
    Surely it does not reach the quality of the legato function of GPO, but well, it does work for me ;-)

    I already can use it with normal keyswitches.
    But as I already get used to the GPO kind of legato working, and also to get a compability if I maybe want to change an instrument either from GPO or from GOS lite, I would prefer to use the sustain pedal to achieve this special function.
    I hope this make sense to you ;-)

    To Haydn:
    Yes indeed, VSampler is theoretically able to use CC64 to activate one group or an other group (BTW it is theoretically possible in VSampler to use any kind of controller for this)
    But as I said before it curiously seems that it does not work.
    And this makes me wondering.
    So it is maybe a VSampler issue and I already asked on the VSampler Forum.

    I was just curious to know if the kind of setting done when changing the differents mode in Kontakt Player between \"Normal Sustain/Sostenuto Operation\" or \"No Sustain/Sostenuto Operation, but MIDI controller\" was a \"normal\" midi setting kind of thing that could be done in every sampler or if it was a very specific setting to a very specific routine only used for GPO.
    I now begin to believe/understand that it is a very special setting for GPO.

    Thanks and regards.

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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod


    I have never worked with VSampler, but, have you got any \"polarity\" control when you are assigning controllers to sample groups? I think you may be playing both groups at the same time, so you would need to tell the sampler to interpret the controller values as inverse for one of the groups, as you would when doing a crossfade with the mod wheel.

    Does this make sense to you?



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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod

    Thanks Anton for your answer and your proposition.

    I have now solved it!
    It seems as if it was a \"Cubase SX\" issue!
    A strange setting in the \"generic controller\" made that pressing the sustain pedal was muting some tracks!

    So it now works as I expected and I can now switch between two groups of samples with the Sustain Pedal ;-)

    Thanks again for trying to help.


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    Re: What exactly does \"sustain/Sostenuto pedal mod

    The sustain pedal feature is pretty specific to Kontakt. The legato mode programming is a hard one to do in Kontakt and has to do with sample start time. This has to be set for each note and layer. Very time consuming! Tom Hopkins spent a large amount of time programming this feature.

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