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Topic: How do I save multi instrument setups in GPO?

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    How do I save multi instrument setups in GPO?

    Sorry if I\'m missing something really obvious...

    I\'m using GPO / Kontakt player and Cubase SX on Win XP Home. It\'s nice that there are some preset multis but actually very rare that these will correspond to the exact ensemble that I need to use. A current project requires that I have a custom chamber orchestra split over 3 instances of GPO - this is to be used over 5 or so pieces of music (all of which have a guide piano track already) hence I\'d like to be able to save a whole lot of time and create some custom multi instrument setups.

    I have tried using the command save instrument within SX but attempting to load these back in causes a system crash. Clearly the existing multis and instruments are in a native Kontact format but there doesn\'t seem to be a save buttom on the Kontact player (maybe they didn\'t have room since the load one is so big).

    Please let me know how to save multis without paying a further 250 Euros to get the full version of Kontact....

    PS. clearly a workaround in future would be to create a template cubase project with the ensemble already loaded - this doesn\'t really help when I need to bring the ensemble into a project that already has some recorded material in it.


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    Re: How do I save multi instrument setups in GPO?

    Well im up early, as usuall.

    I am by far not an expert on this program nor do I have any experience with cubase because I bought Sonar(I have a very opinionated friend on this issue so I really didnt have a choice, but he does strictly rock music, well different story not for this post) 2 for a decent price, I guess because 3 was just coming out and such. I looked at getting into 3 then I asked myself after reading all the features: do I need all that???? So I think in a way Sonar was sorta overkill for me and I should have just tried to learn the bundled midi Cubase.

    Anyway sorry im babbling. When I run GPO so far within sonar, I insert the dxi instance one at a time as needed for what im doing. It seems to auto remember on its own everytime I restart the program and specific midi file which instruments I chose. I remember the first time I did this a pop up came up and asked me a bunch of options for the project that I had to check or not check. Maybe this told it to remember I dont know. Maybe there is an option in your Cubase that does the same and has it remember a setup I dont know.
    I hope im of any help at all.

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    Re: How do I save multi instrument setups in GPO?

    Thanks for the reply... Cubase does indeed remember the settings for any virtual instruments adn/or fx used on a project - hence my suggested workaround. What I want to know is can Kontact Player save it\'s own .nkm files?

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    Re: How do I save multi instrument setups in GPO?

    It seems to be an sx1 issue. With sx2 the saving of multis worx.

    Hopefully that this is also on the buglist which is currently worked on. At least they pretend to do so.

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    Re: How do I save multi instrument setups in GPO?

    I used Aluminum foil or plastic wrap and save \'em to my... oh, wait. I thought we were talking about something else here....
    Never mind. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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