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Topic: GPO Harp Packets

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    GPO Harp Packets

    Totally clueless after reading manual and experimenting with the Harp Packet Midi file.

    I\'m in Sonar (been using GPO successfully, except with harp), open an instance of GPO and load a glissando harp. I can hear it play when I use my keyboard.

    Now...how do a \"copy a packet to a secondary track\"? I\'ve opened the Harp Packet Midi file and I don\'t know what I\'m seeing there. There are no notes, just some black thin bars in the track view. The \"event view\" mystifies me even more.

    What am I exactly supposed to be copying? What is \"Harp Midi Library.LSO\" and how do I access it?


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    Re: GPO Harp Packets

    Hi Jerry, I too was stumped with the \"harp packets\". I don\'t use Sonar but hopefully someone that does will help you get going. In Digital Performer, I drag the entire folder into the tracks window and then every conceiveable chord is listed. You would then use the appropriate chord (track) to record your glissando, you can delete all the rest of the ones that you don\'t need. In Digital Performer, a harp packet command will be placed in the conductor track automatically, it will instruct the track to play the correct notes. I don\'t know if this helps you or not, but it is all I can say about my experience with GPO harp packets, which is only two months. Pretty cool stuff though huh?

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    Re: GPO Harp Packets

    Me too. I tried the gissando packets on the Sonar support page and I presumed there was controller data, but when I did runs or anything else I could discern no effect at all. I thought I was missing something...

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    Re: GPO Harp Packets

    Do a search on this forum. You will find some very detailed directions from Tom Hopkins in a few threads.

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    Re: GPO Harp Packets

    I did a search on \"harp\" and \"Harp packets\" before I even posted--but found nothing. Nor am I finding anything by searching \"Tom Hopkins\"...


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    Re: GPO Harp Packets

    I copied and pasted a link from a post entitled \"Glissando composition question\". If the link isn\'t good, try searching under \"Glissando\". Incidentally, I can\'t get Cubasis to do anything with the harp packets...not sure why.

    http://www.northernsounds.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=UBB18&Number=16435 4&Forum=All_Forums&Words=harp&Searchpa ge=0&Limit=25&Main=164154&Search=true& amp;where=bodysub&Name=&daterange=1&ne werval=1&newertype=w&olderval=&olderty pe=&bodyprev=#Post164354

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