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Topic: GPO

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    I am a Gigastudio user. Running GS96 on a PIII/730, Windows2K,Homestudio, Memory 565, MAudio 2496 soundcard, and have no problems. Could someone give advise; If I would buy GPO, would I be able to run it on this computer? Would I have to give up GS96?


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    Re: GPO

    GPO will run on a PIII but you will only get maybe 100 stereo voices of polyphony. You may be able to run anywhere from 1 to 2 instances depending on what instruments you load in. I\'ve used my PIII 733 with 512 MB of RAM to add extra piano, harp and celeste parts with no problem.

    For full use of GPO a P4 system with 1 GB of RAM is recommended.

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    Re: GPO

    Thanks a lot for the quick answer. Since I am happy now and never run into polyphony problem with GS96, ( Just about half of the 100 stereo pairs you are predicting), would you think I would be OK?
    Thanks again, and I wont pester anymore!


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