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Topic: GOS lite and EXSP24

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    GOS lite and EXSP24

    i\'m happily waiting my GOS lite. I\'m planning to run in on EXSP24 and i\'m wondering if there is someone who uses the same setup who can tells me how he arranges all the staff.
    It\'s my second library after GPO so I\'m \"a little bit scared\" on how to setup it, if it\'s better to load everytime for example all the presets or just the ones I need, how to setup the channels to moe from one setup to the other and so on.

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    Re: GOS lite and EXSP24

    I\'ve never used the EX sampler, but, GOS is a *huge* lib, even the light version, so I would suggest NOT preloading everything, and only loading what you need.

    I only load the patches I need from the full GOS for each piece, because loading any more than that would be a waste of resources. It\'s not as simple as GPO in the fact that the different styles are actually different patches, so you would load staccatos seperatly from long bows, and even then, there are many different long bows to choose from.

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    Re: GOS lite and EXSP24

    thanks Alan
    So you didn\'t \"prepare\" some ad hoc presets. You just simply load the patcheses you need.

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    Re: GOS lite and EXSP24

    ok thanks
    Did you see my comments on the pdf files you posted?

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    Re: GOS lite and EXSP24

    I did (thank you!) unfortunately, it was right before I came out here to Gary\'s and things have been crazy, I haven\'t had a chance to take a second look at the PDF since, but I will in the coming week and get back to you guys on it later... thanks again.

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