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Topic: Black Grand 2 octave demo

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    Black Grand 2 octave demo

    We are planning to put up a 2 octave + all the C\'s demo for our upcoming release, The Black Grand.
    Since it\'s a big library, 3 perspectives and a lot of velocities (16 pedal up, 16 pedal down) even a 2 octave demo will be huge!
    So we are thinking about shortning the size of the samples in this demo.
    How short samples does the forum think one can have, and still have a playable demo?
    3 seconds? 5 seconds?
    If we had 5 seconds, the demo would still be around 300Mb to download (compressed), three seconds would be around 200Mb.

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    Re: Black Grand 2 octave demo

    Worra, the sustain is very, very important. Why don\'t you cut down on some of the release samples? That way we still have the best impression of the piano in all its aspects, and the size would be comparable to the download size of the \'White Grand\'. Whatever you do, don\'t clip the wings of the \'Black Grand\' by shortening the sustain.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Black Grand 2 octave demo

    No, no, don\'t cut the release samples! They can make the difference between a real and a digital sounding piano. The sustains will probably sound the same as the real steinway, while the release will probably not. (That\'s, I haven\'t heard a sampled piano yet getting that right. I\'m even trying a classic spring-reverb now to get some nice release.)

    Can\'t you split it up in the different perspectives? I, for example, would only be interested in the close one.

    By the way, I wouldn\'t might doing a 300mb download.

    Looking forward to the demo, Worra!

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    Re: Black Grand 2 octave demo

    Removing the releasesamples will not be a space saver really.
    Maybe I just put up two versions, one with shorter samples and one with the full samples. Then people can decide if they want te big one or the not so big one....
    The perspectives will be separate files.

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