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Topic: OT: A Poem for those we have lost

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    OT: A Poem for those we have lost

    Hey Everyone,

    I\'ve been thinking about the sad news of Mr. Buford\'s passing ever since Mr. Garritan informed me about it. The way I see things, death is a natural, healthy part of life. I felt inspired to write and this is what I came up with. It\'s just a simple bit of prose, but maybe it will help us all carry on with our losses.


    The Season of Life

    We all have been a witness to the cycle of life.
    From that first silent whisper to the everlasting night.
    We rejoice when it enters and we mourn when it goes,
    But still, through it all, the love will still grow.

    If the life of a loved one, though gone it may be,
    Had lived through a season that we all could see.
    Then birth was the springtime, all shiny and new,
    And the warmth of the summer is when the light grew.

    The fall was the time when all the folks knew
    That they never did what those young “kiddies” do!
    Bitter and lonely, as a passing is known
    Is as cold and foreboding as when the snow blows.

    We can depend when lost in the night,
    All twisted and turned and covered with fright,
    That soon as the sun can peak through the clouds,
    Away goes the snow when that morning crow sounds.

    And a new day will dawn to unfreeze the world.
    When a new child’s toes and fingers uncurl.
    That’s how it goes with the seasons of life.
    From the first newborn’s morning, to the elder’s last night.

    So thanks dear departed for all that you’ve shared.
    Thanks for the love and the memories of care.
    And fly with the Angels up in Heaven above,
    And look down upon us and Witness your love!!

    The End

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    Re: OT: A Poem for those we have lost

    That was just beautiful John... really beautiful !

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    Re: OT: A Poem for those we have lost

    Deepest are your words. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing...

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    Re: OT: A Poem for those we have lost

    Jonny, thanks for posting, that was wonderful...

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    Re: OT: A Poem for those we have lost

    That was really amazing Jonny. Very good thoughts and cleverly expressed.

    Thanks for the view.........


    PS I don\'t want to detract from the solemnity but it takes some doing to have some fine thoughts and then being able to get them to rhyme.....there\'s just a lot of talent in them thar forums.

    I like writing the odd ditty myself....but I don\'t think I could match this.....as with a number of things I hated poetry at school.....it\'s strange how we change.

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