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Topic: Using Midi Controllers with GPO

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    Using Midi Controllers with GPO

    I recently started using GPO. I have a Radium midi controller. All works fine.

    However, I want to be able to control the Kontakt parameters from the midi controller. I have had no problem programming one of the sliders to control volume (by assigning control #1 - mod wheel - to the slider).

    Similary I am able to program other controls to change pan, etc. that are available on the player. However, even though my board changes the setting on the Kontakt player, the parameter doesn\'t actually change. For example, I can control the pan knob, but the pan doesn\'t change. To actually change the pan I have to use the mouse.

    Am I missing something? Thank you!

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    Re: Using Midi Controllers with GPO

    You need to go into Options and enable CC7/CC10 Controllers. This turns on volume and pan so you can control these remotely.

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