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Topic: Sonar don't see Gigastudio??? Classic newbie...

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    Sonar don\'t see Gigastudio??? Classic newbie...

    Hello everybody!

    I have a classic newbie problem i guess...

    So, this is my situation: i\'m running Sonar 3 Producer, and have Gigastudio 2.5 (not updated since it makes my computer crash). Gigastudio work great, and i just need something very basic.

    Load my gigapiano (which i can use in gigastudio) and have a midi track in my sequencer routed into it.
    Problem is...i don\'t have the midi output on my sequencer midi tracks that say \"nemesys port 1/2/3/4\", or \"gigastudio\", or whatever. I can use without anyproblem other midi outs in my sequencer (like ewso).

    I tried to load giga first and then sonar, and the reverse, and only difference is that i can only use midi in the first program i open (this because midi drivers are exclusive for one app i guess).

    So, where\'s the trick? I guess it\'s very simple...but still...

    Ciao to all,


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    Re: Sonar don\'t see Gigastudio??? Classic newbie...

    I think you have to open SONAR from inside GIGA.

    Strange/different approach ....

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    Re: Sonar don\'t see Gigastudio??? Classic newbie...

    Just in case you haven\'t done this, make sure you enable the NemeSys MIDI prots in Sonar: Options/MIDI Devices

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