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Topic: Piano samples and pedaling

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    Piano samples and pedaling

    Hi guys,
    Is there any sampled piano that accounts for multiple levels of pedaling? A simple up/down function doesn\'t begin to reflect the effect that different levels of pedaling can have...

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    Re: Piano samples and pedaling

    I haven\'t heard of such a piano lib. The other problem is finding a sustain pedal that\'s linear. They all seem to be switches. Most linear pedals are \"wah wah\" type mechanisms, which wouldn\'t work as a sustain pedal (e.g. no spring return).

    No doubt that modelling the continuous action of the sustain pedal would be nice. Right now all we have are release samples and a quick foot!

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    Re: Piano samples and pedaling

    Its definitely the one area where we have to be guarded against losing a good pedal technique. A certain degree of imagination and judgement is still needed to accurately place the pedal as you would if performing on the real thing.

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    Re: Piano samples and pedaling

    Hi, both the new Emperor and Old Lady will respond to multiple levels of pedaling, resulting in 127 levels. This is simply done by
    1/ changing the level of sustain pedal down resonance that is audible when depressing the pedal
    2/ convolution

    In fact, I will add these features to all existing PMI pianos when GS3 reaches the market.

    There are general purpose midi pedals that actually send continuous midi data but you will have to re-route the midi controller number to cc 64 in order to affect the sustain. If you simply connect such a pedal to an ordinary master keyboard you get an on-off switch. You have to attach them to the volume pedal input and re-route the midi cc in a sequencer or midi patch program. Check the Yamaha digital pianos for sustain pedal behaviour.

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    Re: Piano samples and pedaling

    Actually, I have a General Music Promega 2, which does simulate a real pedal. So that will work with the Old Lady piano? The demo of the Old Lady you posted is what prompted this question in the first place... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Great stuff.

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