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Topic: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

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    ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    Here it is, in memory of Adam Burford, the beginner of the Electro Group, the track that we were able to produce. Inspired by an idea Adam had to bring together GPO users, I think he has made us all feel alittle closer, and in a world of alias\'es and screennames, that\'s a challenge! Thank you Adam.

    The first group, which created this song, consisted of:
    #1: Dennis Wijnker
    #2: Ostin Drais
    #3: Eric Endres
    #4: Alan Lastufka
    #5: Andreas Max

    More details about how the project came to be can be found here:

    Adam, this one\'s for you...


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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    Bravo to you all and Bravo to Adam !

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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    Oh my, I\'m so glad to finally hear where it went after my part. Very nice!! Terrific ending.

    Alan, there is a little volume jump/glitch on an instrument at about the 7 second mark. I noticed that when working on my part, but I didn\'t want to change anything out of my space, and I figured that would be worked out later in the mix. But you may want to see if you can edge that off in the modulation.

    Great job, everyone. I\'m honored to share the credits with y\'all, and many thanks to Adam for putting this together! Sendin\' it up to ya, brother... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    Wow, I didn\'t think that y\'all would actually continue work on that project. I\'m glad to see that y\'all took action and dedicated this work to Adam.


    (I\'m on dialup so this will take some time)

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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    What an amazing piece! I love the way that none of the contributors drifted too far away from the opening lively theme, while interjecting their own variations and whims quite freely. I liked the moment around 1\'00\" where it sounded as if the theme was going to be dropped for something more avante garde only to return to the main theme with an added gusto.

    Good work guys and what a good idea this was from Adam. I didn\'t know him, but I hope this project keeps going in his name.

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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    [ QUOTE ]
    Good work guys and what a good idea this was from Adam. I didn\'t know him, but I hope this project keeps going in his name.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    It will, Shaz and I are going to start the next round soon, and we\'ll make an official announcement and start taking names when the announcement is made.

    Thanks to all those who listen, even if you don\'t reply (from the webhits, that looks like a lot of you) this piece is simply for you to enjoy, no critiques or back-patting needed [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    This piece impressed me to the point that it got me to post here!

    Not only is it good, but what really got me is how connected it all is - it doesn\'t sound at all like 5 parts stitched together, but like a united, cohesive whole. It\'s really very good!

    If you are continuing this, maybe next time you could have more people or have each people write a longer section so that the whole piece is longer.

    For whatever it means, it was a really wonderful idea of Adam\'s.

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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    BUMP... Hope everyone gets to listen...

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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    I regret to say I\'ve been away from the forum for a while due to my two jobs sucking up all my time... I am shocked, to say the least, by all the events of the past couple of days/weeks. I am much saddened by Adam\'s unexpected passing, especially since he was such an inspiring person. At the same time, just coming across the completion of the Electro project, I\'m so wonderfully surprised by the result, you guys are so talented; I feel honored to have been a part of this! What an amazing place this forum is, virtual as it may be, to be the conduit of real human emotion!

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    Re: ***Electro.mp3 - A Tribute***

    This is a wonderful tribute to the wonderful person who started this project. We all wish Adam could have seen this to completion.

    A few weeks before his passing, Adam first told me of a collaberative project he was planning. His idea was to get five musicians from the forum (and from around the world) and collaberate to produce an original musical work, ELECTRO. He was very excited about this project, announced it soon afterwards and started a project webpage. Adam coordinated the project and a day after the announcement all the positions were filled.

    Musically the piece is unified and doesn\'t sound like it came from five different composers. The mix could be improved and I ask if any of our forum members would like to try mixing ELECTRO. Here is the Cubasis file (which should also import into Cubase and Nuendo). A midi file can be made if someone wants to try mixing in another sequencer.


    I am not aware of any collaboration like this where five musicians from around the world got together on a forum and produced a musical work. Adam\'s vision is realized thanks in part to Dennis Wijnker,Ostin Drais, Eric Endres, Andreas Max and Alan Lastufka and the other forum members who supported and helped make Adam\'s vision a reality.

    Gary Garritan

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