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Topic: Audiophile Problems

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    Audiophile Problems

    I have had an Audigy 2 for quite some time now. It has served me well and I have pretty much no complaints. But now, I have become pretty serious about sampling and will be getting Symphonic Orchestra Gold soon and I wanted a card that would handle what it needs to do.

    I recently purchased the Audiophile card and I can say that the sound quality is better as well as the latency is much more satisfying. It\'s good...for the 5 minutes at a time that it works, I like it. But, at or around 5 minutes, it freezes my computer giving me no choice but to turn off the computer.

    I have Symphonic Orchestra Silver and some gigasamples that I\'m using in Kontakt to mess around with. It doesn\'t matter what I\'m using, it still freezes just the same. The freezes occur at the obvious times of playing lots of notes, but it also freezes when I\'m not playing them. For instance, when I am loading another instrument in Symphonic Orchestra\'s Kontakt, it has frozen on me. It even froze once when I set it as the primary output and just played some mp3s for a while.

    I have tried all the drivers, read as many forums posts as I can find on the subject, and read M-Audio faq pages. Nothing helps.

    I can run the samples fine with the Audigy as the output, with a higher latency, of
    course, but at least I can be relatively sure that it\'s not my comp.

    Needless to say, there is a good chance that I will be returning the card. The only reason that I haven\'t is the fact that many people here support it and no one else seems to have the same problem. I have considered reformatting my hard drive and starting fresh, but I did this less than 2 or 3 months ago and am not looking to do it again so soon.

    Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Also, if you need more information, just let me know.

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    Re: Audiophile Problems

    Try moving the card to a different slot, especially if you have it in the first PCI slot on your motherboard (this will sometimes conflict with an AGP card if you have on installed.) Sounds like you\'ve tried reinstalling drivers so that\'s a mute point, but it may be worth while unstalling the hardware from Windows and running the driver install. I would not recommend formatting Windows, maybe just a reinstall, but only after every other avenue is pursued. I have an Audiophile and I haven\'t encounted this problem (yet.)

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    Re: Audiophile Problems

    BTW: If you took the Audigy out of the its slot and directly put the Audiophile in it without starting the PC in between then this can cause conflicts as well. When changing out cards in a PCI slot always start the computer after you remove the first card and before you put the new one in. This lets windows recognize that the previous hardware has been uninstalled. Hope this doesn\'t confuse you. Make sure you do this when moving a card between PCI slots as well. Always start the PC inbetween moving a card or installing a new one where on has been installed before.

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    Re: Audiophile Problems

    Thanks for the advice, I hadn\'t tried that. Well, it now runs for about 20-30 minutes then freezes....I had almost thought it was golden but it still freezes.

    I think I just lost my mini-disc recorder in the process....I was using it as headphones (i don\'t have anything else at the moment), then my computer froze and I was going to shut it off, I wasn\'t paying attention to the cords and it fell and hit my computer....now it\'s not reading my mini-discs. There goes my $300 Sharp D7.....more damage because of this card.....

    **Well...guess there\'s some good news for me....got my recorder to start working again....although I don\'t really consider my mini-recorder having a big dent and cause for it stop working whenever it feels like, good news.**

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    Re: Audiophile Problems

    Oh yeah, I forget, one more thing...and this seems a little wierd. I was in Kontakt and loaded samples and they were playing fine in my headphones, but then I checked the output interface in the options and nothing was turned on. I ran kept running it this way once and it ran for about 30 minutes, then froze. Then I tested to see if there was a difference between leaving everything off and turning on the Audiophile and there was no difference...still froze around 30 minutes. I might be misunderstanding what this does but I just thought I would put this information out there.

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    Lightbulb Re: Audiophile Problems

    My final sugestion, before you get your soundcard returned, is the following:

    1 - Backup important data, or just copy it to a secondary partition.

    2 - Remove all sound cards from your computer.

    3 - Reinstall Windows, but DON´T USE THE REPAIR INSTALATION OPTION. This will give you a completely new instalation, without any of the old dll´s or configuration files. Remember that you MUST BACKUP Outlook Express emails, your favorite internet links, and all the other files under the c:\Documents and Settings. THEY WILL BE LOST DURING THE INSTALATION.

    4 - Install your audiophile card.

    If the audio card does not work after that, you probably have a serious hardware incompatibiliy issue.

    Good Luck!

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