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Topic: Triton LE as a GPO controller?

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    Triton LE as a GPO controller?

    Im looking for a good controller keyboard with any sounds (I dont care about the sounds since I use a lot of racks, but there should be some so I can play for fun). Can I go with Triton LE or should I opt for something else in the same range?

    Im not quite sure how the mod wheel in LE is. Any reasons to not go with Triton LE for now or will it serve me happily with my GPO (and hardware rack modules)?

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    Re: Triton LE as a GPO controller?

    \"Any reason\'s to not go...?\"

    How about cost?!?

    Those Triton\'s are a pretty penny... if you just want a controller that happens to have some sounds for messing around with, why not pick up a two-hundred dollar Yamaha from Best Buy? Five octaves, mod and pitch and plenty of GM to go around?

    I guess I just don\'t see why you would opt to spend over a grand for sounds you\'re not going to use in recording (which the Triton\'s are great for!) when controllers can be had for a fifth of that price...?

    I guess the cheap-skate in me is comin\' out, eh?

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    Re: Triton LE as a GPO controller?

    I have a Roland keyboard that\'s expanded out fully and I rarely use the onboard sounds. If I had the choice today, I would just pickup a keyboard controller with lots of programmable sliders, knobs and switches. You could pickup libraries such as Atmosphere to get the Triton type sounds. The keyboards are limited to like 32-64 MB\'s of sounds versus the GB\'s of sounds on computer based programs.

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    Re: Triton LE as a GPO controller?

    I have the Triton and am enjoying it. I can control most every thing in GPO just fine with it. My only complaint is that it does not have a Modwheel. I am not familiar with the LE, but I would prefer a keyboard with a normal Modwheel. I currently have to patch my CC#s to a knob - it works but not quite the same I\'m sure.
    Hope this helps a little.


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    Re: Triton LE as a GPO controller?

    One reason I have to go with a Triton is cos I work with other people and its always best for them to see me playing something impressive instead of a cheap controller. I already have a Triton Rack plus stuff like Atmosphere.

    I just need an impressive looking controller, that has some onboard sounds I could play without switiching on my comp or other racks, plus one that handles GPO (and other orchestral stuff well).

    My main concern was the modwheel as William West mentioned. Plus Im not sure about the feel of the keys.

    Which other keyboard in the same price range could I go in for?

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    Re: Triton LE as a GPO controller?

    I had a 76 key Triton LE and the keyboard was total \"POO\". If you haven\'t played one go check it out first. The sounds and controller capabilities are pretty good but my hands would hurt everytime I played. It was kinda like playing a 2x4.


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