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Topic: First Original using ALOT of instruments

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    First Original using ALOT of instruments

    This is only the first section of what I have written out on paper. It takes so damn long to record parts then mess around with the midi lol I dont see how people can do it so fast. Anyway this is the first section of a longer piece I adapted from my original piano version. I just recorded everything to one track and added reverb since its not the final version. Just curious to what people think about it. Instruments used so far are lush violins 1+2, Violas lush, Cellos lush, basses lush, solo clarinet, bass clarinet, one of the clarinet sections(1 if I remember correctly) oboe solo classical, oboe section, solo horn, horn section 1(again one of the sections), solo trombone 1, trombone section 1(again I think), solo tuba, Solo flute and a section, bassoon solo 1 and 2. ER Im getting lost. Anyway I am going to fill it with all needed as I go.


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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments

    Well you ought to finish it! What I really like about this is :
    1) the use of melody and chord progression to generate the atmosphere, rather than technique and arrangement. Ie this is a piece of music first, rather than primarily a technical exercise in using an a sample library.
    2) the originality of the style
    3) the absence of cliches (although backing off to strings at around 1\'00\" **could*** be heard as a cliche candidate by some)

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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments

    I enjoyed this very much. I liked chord progression of the piece and felt the coulor illustrated by the different instrument groupings were very effective. The first swell really got me going! Very Nice Composition Indeed!

    I agree with you. I don\'t see how many can create in a flash what takes me weeks to produce. Just keeping up with the various tracks is nightmare! I\'m really lazy and don\'t want to load instruments on a need to use basis, so I\'ve set up an orchestra templet in Sonar that loads 43 tracks (give or take a few). I can\'t bring my self to delete unused tracks just in the case that I might need them, so I trip over all of them when creating a new piece. Is there a course in Track Management?

    Thank you for sharing your piece with us.


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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments

    Very nice begining. Please post more as you go along.

    As far as time goes, if I improvise a piece in it goes pretty quick, but if I really write something.... I\'ve been working for almost 3 months on the piece I am currently doing and I\'m 5 minutes into it. After I finish (about 2 or 3 more minutes) I\'m sure it will still take me a couple of months to clean it up.

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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments

    really really nice mate! Keep up the hard work. Man..GPO rocks..

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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments



    Fantastic! The mood, harmonies and especially the movement and orchestration of the inner voices. Just beautiful.

    I can\'t wait to hear the completed version.


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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments

    Nice work, Nicole. I\'ll look forward to hearing the completed version.

    -- Martin

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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments

    WOW Nicole, I forgot what a BIG symphony sounds like, OK now you started something, I am not using enough strings. It sounds really cool! [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments

    Beautiful, almost Wagnerian! And you have a real gift with suspensions. Can\'t wait to hear the rest.

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    Re: First Original using ALOT of instruments

    Nice Job Nicole. Very nice arrangement.


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