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Topic: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

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    GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    Anyone using GPO in emagic\'s Logic sequencer? If I buy GOS or GOS lite, how would this be incorporated into Logic? I think that GOS is available only as GIGA and Kontakt formats; would a conversion be necessary, etc? Thanks

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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    You are correct in that you will need a sampler, I don\'t know if Logic gives you a free one, but you could use GOS in GIGA, HAL or Kontakt.

    GOS is only available in GIGA native format (for now) and this will require you to convert if you plan to use it in any sampler other than GIGA.

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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    Do you have the EXS Sampler with your version of Logic?

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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    Look at the website (http://www.garritan.com/features.html) and you can see that there is a GOS lite akai version that comes with a translator to load it into logic exsp24.
    I have logic express 6 and i\'m happily waiting my GOS lite Akai version.
    If you need help let me know, i think my package will arrive today or at least tomorrow so i can tell you how it works.
    And consider that Bidule now works also with AU so you can use Bidule to work with EXSP and GOS lite and GPO with your score program.

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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    I translated GOS Lite just fine from the Akai version, but I hear that in general it\'s better to get Giga versions of sample libraries than Akai if possible. The EXS24 has a built-in ability to convert from either format, or you can use a conversion program like Translator (a GOS-specific version of this is included with GOS and GOS Lite) or CDXtract.


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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    no, the translator is included only in the akai version as written in the garritan website so if you want to run GOS on EXSP24 (not EXS24, it can load GIGA) you have to take the akai version
    I don\'t know if it\'s better the conversion done by the translator or the conversion done by EXS24.

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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    It would nice if Gary or one of his friends (hint, hint) could do some tests on this to let us Logic users know what is the best way to go.

    I am thinking that the GIGA would be better for the EXS24 though I don\'t know for sure.

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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    I received my GOS lite AKAI version yesterday and I read immediately the manual. I don\'t have time to try it but i hope to have this evening. In the manual is written that the translator that comes with the AKAI version is designed to give you the best conversion for your sampler. Is also written that the translator was provided because some samplers doesn\'t convert perfectly other formats like GIGA, so as I understood i guess that the best solution is, as I did, to take the akai verion and use the translator to then use the files in EXS.
    I\'ll let you know how it work as soon as i hae time to test it.
    Ah, I forgot to thanks Gary and his wife Marianne: THANKS A LOT!!

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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    If you get time to would you post a little example of GOS lite in EXS?



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    Re: GOS/GOS Lite in emagic Logic

    Thanks for all the help.

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