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Topic: ens. string miss pizzicato?

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    ens. string miss pizzicato?

    i was trying to \"construct\" my string orchestra using ens. string but i noticed that ens. string doesn\'t have pizzicato. Can i use multyple time the pizzicato solos?
    The section pizzicato is not very good in the sense that you can hear that there are too many instruments compared to the \"arco\" passages.

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    Re: ens. string miss pizzicato?

    Yeah, you could use multiple instances of the solo pizz, but you may want to slightly detune each one in the player so that you don\'t get phasing. You could offset the velocities and start points of each as well to create the effect of multiple instruments.

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    Re: ens. string miss pizzicato?

    ok. thanks
    so I have to detune to avoid phasing.

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    Re: ens. string miss pizzicato?

    Yeah, but when I say slight I mean slight! You could also use slight pitch bend variations in the editor of your sequencing program to accomplish this as well. I would just exercise caution when pitch bending or detuning or you\'ll end up with a harmonic mess.

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    Re: ens. string miss pizzicato?

    yes, yes, shure.
    I\'ll try.

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    Re: ens. string miss pizzicato?

    May be using the var controls will do the job. I didn\'t try that yet.

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