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Topic: 911 Bush Did It!!!!!!

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    911 Bush Did It!!!!!!

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    Check out democracynow.org (today\'s show) for a discussion of the 911 conspiracy. Both sides are represented. It\'s too tame for my taste, but still atleast it is finally being discussed on a very REPUTABLE show.

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    Re: 911 Bush Did It!!!!!!

    True story:

    In 1989, I was working as a taxi driver in San Francisco. At about 1:30 in the afternoon, a guy gets into my cab at the Moscone Center, wanting to go to the Meridien Hotel, a distance of 200-300 yards. I thought it was strange that he didn\'t just walk.

    Anyway, he gets in and says, \"So, we\'re about due for an earthquake.\"
    I say \"Really?\"
    He says, \"Yeah. I heard the government is going to detonate explosives along the faultline to relieve the pressure. It\'s 10 years behind schedule.\"
    I reply with a chuckle, \"Sounds like that James Bond movie, I forget the name, the one with Grace Jones.\"

    4 hours later: The Loma Prieta (7.1) earthquake.

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    Re: 911 Bush Did It!!!!!!

    [ QUOTE ]
    4 hours later: The Loma Prieta (7.1) earthquake.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    They had surround sound in 1989? 7.1? I find that hard to believe. The Loma Prieta? Haven\'t seen that one. Mind you, there have been so many earthquake films come out over the years, one loses track of them all. We have one here at the moment called Earthquake 10.5, but it\'s just for TV so no surround as such. Very convincing though. I picked it up a little way in and thought it was a documentary, thus immediately emailing a friend in Reno telling him to leave the city as fast as possible. Anyway, it\'s always nice when a taxi fare recommends something worth mentioning. Thanks for the info. I\'ll look out for it the next time it\'s on.

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    Re: 911 Bush Did It!!!!!!

    Oh man! I can\'t beleive the transcriber put down \"due buy\" instead of Dubai. That\'s going to make someone blush. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]

    I haven\'t read it all yet, but thanks for the info, Nick. I will, however, have to be cautious with anything from Democracy Now! since they\'re often willing to jump on any leftist bandwagon that comes along regardless of its reliability, just a word of caution. But hopefully they\'ve got good info here. Thanks again.

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