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Topic: Which Corsair ram??

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    Which Corsair ram??

    I am putting together a dedicated Giga computer(P4 3.2E with Asus P4C800E-deluxe mb) to be ready for the release of GS3. I will be putting in 2GB of ram.
    My question is whether to configure it with 2 lots of CorsairTwinX1024-3200LLPRO, or a single module of Twin2048-3200. My only concern with the TwinX2048 is that it is tested at 3-4-4-8 compared to the much faster TwinX3200LL. (2-3-2-6)
    Would I be better off with the stability of the tested TwinX2048...or opt for the faster but separate modules of the TwinX1024?

    Any help appreciated

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    Re: Which Corsair ram??


    I would personally opt for CorsairTwinX1024 if I had the choice between that and the 2048 stick of ram. Its less expensive and the reason for this is that since youre using a great motherboard that supports dual channel ddr, you would need two sticks of 1024 to take advantage of the dual channel. I would even go further in using 4X 512MB sticks of ram to equal 2GB, unless you really want more.
    Good Luck


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