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Topic: Which sampler?

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    Which sampler?

    Hi everyone, sorry for my absence, I\'ve had a nasty case of cellulitis for some weeks [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    I\'m considering expanding my setup - in particular I\'m keen to get some choral samples (aahs, oohs, etc). Would upgrading to the full version of Kontakt be advisable? Or should I look at Gigastudio? Or something else? I have VSampler that came with Sonar3 as well, if that matters.

    My main composition tool is likely to remain Overture, especially now I have the full version, so compatibility with that is a must.

    Recommendations of specific sample libraries are welcome too [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Which sampler?

    What choral samples you looking at?
    I believe Kontakt has some nice features that Giga does not have so that might be the best way to go.

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    Re: Which sampler?

    Regarding choir sample libraries. I very much like Peter Siedla...eck (how the hell is this written?) Classical Choir. It is a very simple library in AKAI format, but it is very effective for me. It has vowels and simple consonants. Cons: there are no multilayer samples.

    I personally dislike Symphony of Voices, but this is only my personal taste, the library is excellent, and covers far wider range of textures than Peter\'s, and includes solo samples, which is really usefull.

    Another good choir library is Voices of the Apocallypsis. It is in GIGA format and very well programmed in its second edition. You have all vowels, including latin pronunciation, and consonants, both pitched and non pitched. So with time and patience, you can really make this library sing your score. There is also a MIDI wrapper program to automatically manipulate the output sound fitting your lyrics.


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    Re: Which sampler?

    When using many samples at the same time, say more than 10, I think it would be difficult to view all the voices at the same time with KONTAKT. In such point of view, it is easier with VSampler, especially if you want to change voices by program change frequently.

    #I may miss something in KONTAKT though.


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    Re: Which sampler?

    I like the full version of Kontakt -- a bonus for us GPO folks is there is a nice upgrade price (one that might make it a lot more competitive to you than any other route).

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