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Topic: Ménades Danzantes

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    Ménades Danzantes

    This is a little piano piece a friend of mine composed as an exercise to use greek modes. I found it very cute and asked his permission to orchestrate it.

    This is the rendering i\'ve made with GPO

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    Re: Ménades Danzantes

    That was a lot of fun. Too short, however. The opening caught me completely offguard, causing a great deal of laughter from my wife as I dove for the volume controls. She will get hers, believe me.

    Dennis Burton

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    Re: Ménades Danzantes

    guybrush threepwood

    I really enjoyed listening to this. What a fun exercise.

    Greek modes bring back memories of music theory during college. I wish there was something like GPO back then as it would have made these modal exercises a bit more interesting and fun.

    I appreciate your posting this. Thank your friend for me for permission to post this.

    Gary Garritan

    PS: A couple of interesting Greek mode links:


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    Re: Ménades Danzantes

    Yes Guybrush, that\'s a charming light hearted little piece until it gets to the part which isn\'t.....just retrieves itself in time!



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    Re: Ménades Danzantes

    thx for the kind comments
    I\'m re-rendering pieces i did when i was studying, i wish i could have had GPO back then.

    I think GPO is a very powerful tool for learning: it has a notator, sequencer and the library+sampler. The people who studied with me could have aproached the computer and learnt the basics of sampling with a tool like this.
    I wrote an article about this in the spanish education magazine I collaborate with, you can find it here in spanish

    http://www.aunalia.es/clienteweb/contenido.asp?id_seccion1=51&id_seccion2=100&a mp;id_seccion3=262&id_seccion4=&id_documen to=2431

    if someone is interested i can translate it into english

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