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Topic: which sampler for these uses?

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    which sampler for these uses?

    I recently started working with computer sequencers and samples. (In the past I only did live analog recording).

    I have Cubase SX, GPO and EWQL silver. (For wav mixing and mastering I have been using the last two years CoolEdit/Audition. For video editing, I use Premiere and now Liquid Edition Pro.)

    I want to play new wav samples from the keyboard and create some of my own.

    I also want to change attack, decay, etc. from the keyboard with midi controllers -- and this doesn\'t seem possible with the Kompakt and Kontakt players that came with the libraries I have (except in a very limited way, that is built into the player).

    I was told I need to get a full sampler. Is this right? And which might be best: Halion? Kompakt? Contakt?

    I want to be able to use the libraries I have as well as add new ones in the future. Also, I want to be able to setup wav files.

    (If it makes a difference, the final products will be used both for CDs and as part of tracks on videos.)

    Thank you!

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    Re: which sampler for these uses?

    I ended up going with Kontakt, simply because it is the only full fledged sampler that GPO will run inside of. That way, when you add other libraries or create your own samples, you aren\'t trying to run multiple samplers that might fight for each other\'s drivers.

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