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Topic: Gigastudio and Finale

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    Gigastudio and Finale

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use gigastudio sample sounds when writing into finale using hyperscribe tool (keyboard note input)? I can get sound but no metronome or the metronome and no sound. Neither option is good. Are there any good documents on configuring Finale MIDI? The Manual isn\'t very thorough.


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    Re: Gigastudio and Finale

    There are a couple of approaches you could take. By default, Finale is sending the metronome note on channel 10, note 37 (60 is middle C or C4, so 37 would be C#2). If you have a percussion instrument you could load in GigaStudio that would make a good substitute for a metronome sound, just load it on any free channel and go to the Options menu in Finale >> Click and Countoff. There you can specify the channel and note that you need triggered in GigaStudio.

    Alternatively, if you don\'t want to use a Giga sound, go to the MIDI menu in Finale >> MIDI Setup. Click Advanced. You can have up to 8 output devices in Finale, with a total of 64 channels. Set your Nemesys MIDI Out 1 in the top section (not in the bottom section) and then your regular soundcard output (such as the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth or SmartMusic Softsynth) as the first choice in the bottom section. If you are already using the Nemesys MIDI Out 2 in this box, just choose your soundcard out for the second box of the bottom section. By default the device listed in the top section addresses the first 16 channels, the first box in the bottom section addresses 17-32, the second box 33-48, etc. So now, click OK and go to the Options menu >> Click and Countoff. You need to use the percussion channel for the soundcard. With the 1-16 system that was channel 10. With 17-32 it would be the tenth channel from 17, or 26. The tenth channel starting from 33 would be 42, etc. So now your metronome will be sent (probably) to channel 26 which corresponds to the 10th channel on your soundcard, while your first 16 channels will be sent to GigaStudio.

    I hope this all made sense. I don\'t have Finale handy to go into right now, so I\'m just going from memory.

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