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Topic: LOTW: Lyrics of the Week...

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    LOTW: Lyrics of the Week...

    Hey all, wanted to explain my new signature before I get PMs about it...

    I listen to a style of music known as \"emo\", which is short for \'emotional\' and the lyrics are all free-verse, no meter or anything, and some of them are beautiful, some strange, but mostly, cool.

    So I wanted to share a new quote, weekly, bi-weekly, whenever it strikes my fancy...

    This week, our quote comes from the band Brand New, and is featured below:

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    Re: LOTW: Lyrics of the Week...

    I\'ve heard of \"emo\". I\'ve heard it has this thing called \"melody\" in it. I\'m not sure what that means, but I\'m sure it\'s innovative.

    Steve Barden

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