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Topic: Custom alternative to MOD msg, how about that?

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    Custom alternative to MOD msg, how about that?

    Question on Kontakt player interface.

    Have you given any thoughts of letting the user select the MIDI message for controlling modulation instead of hardmapping it to Mod wheel?

    I know there are workarounds, such as software remapping (I\'m using the slider on Korg Trinity, CC18 I think, since all my keyboards have the silly joystick for modulation control). Another obvious controller I can think of is an expression pedal.. so let\'s say I\'m just curious [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    (Ah, I\'m just spoiled.. Once you needed two kids to pump your bellows while you fiddled with your organ... no wait! it\'s not what you think! too late, I hear the sirens downstairs..)

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    Re: Custom alternative to MOD msg, how about that?

    We wanted a standardized control that would be readily available, even to those that had never used a sample lib before. Hence the mod wheel. For the more experienced and seasoned, we have the software remapper available to you, made by Markleford.

    One of the reasons you don\'t have all the extra editing capabilities in the Kontakt player that you have in the full version of Kontakt, is because we wanted it to sound great, but also be hassle free to use. For those that are tweakers and prefer more control, we assumed they would already have the full Kontakt and could make their adjustments there.

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