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Topic: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

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    Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    Just read something about this VST... it\'s suposed to be an impulse reverb plugin... anyone using this with GPO ?

    Is it any good ?

    I\'ll check it myself too ofcourse... but was wondering if any of you have any experience with it.
    You can find SIR here: SIR Website


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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    I\'ve used it on all of my GPO pieces, except \"Widow of War\" which used SoundStage...

    SIR is GREAT, if you have the right impulses. I use the impulses from GOS, Concert Hall 2 is great, and so are the impulses made by King Idiot...

    You can buy impulse packages to get high quality ones (like the ones in GOS) or you can d/l free (but not as good) ones from the internet...

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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    SIR is outstanding. Alan is right, you just need the right impulses. I find the sound very warm when compared to regular reverbs (which have a metalic sound).

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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    I recieved my GOS lite and I was wondering what reverber I can use with it. I have the reverber that comes with GPO but I was looking at this thread and thinking if about this SIR.
    Do you know where I can found good free impulses?

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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    Noise Vault

    I got my impulses from here. Specifically check out the Lexicon impulses. A lot of them need some minor modifications to work well, but they have a nice warm reverb trail.

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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    I\'ll download them right now

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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    I use SIR for most of my stuff. I only really use a few impulses that I downloaded from NoiseVault like the larger auditorium and a few that emulate the high-end digital reverbs like Lexicon and Eventide. The actual recorded spaces are what attract me the most. The 4000 seat hall comes with so many different mics and room placements, that I\'m not sure what to do except pick one and try it.

    You need to be aware of the latency SIR introduces; however the latest release has reduced the delay considerably. I have just installed Cubase SX 2.0 which compensates for any plug-in latency so that is no longer an issue for me. I used to write and edit with Ambience, then switch over to SIR for a final mixdown. The EQ is a wonderful and necessary feature. I also like the ability to stretch the timeline a bit for a longer decay if needed.

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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    ok, thanks, now the NoiseVault as stoped the download for a couple of days, then I\'ll try them

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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    do you know where i can find a SIR for mac free like the one in the link?

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    Re: Anyone using SIR for reverb ?

    I can\'t understand the question but if you\'re looking for the SIR link, here it is:


    I\'ve used SIR with the GOS hall impulses and the results have always been awesome.

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