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Topic: Bigamy...

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    From when I have in house the sounds of the GPO,
    beyond to my girl, I have found an other love... :-)
    Hello to all!
    Zelazowa Maurizio

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    Re: Bigamy...

    Hello Zelazowa,

    That\'s mighty \"Bigofyou\" and welcome~!
    [ QUOTE ]
    I have found an other love

    [/ QUOTE ] Well I wouldn\'t say GPO can hold a candle to my wife. But, it is one hot orchestral Lib!

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    Re: Bigamy...

    GPO will never take the place of my guitar (I changed my icon so that people would not have to avert their eyes in order to keep from lusting after it) though I will admit to having an ongoing \"relationship\" with GPO.


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