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Topic: Question for G5 owners...

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    Question for G5 owners...

    I\'m thinking of buying a G5 (dual 1.8 or 2.0 with, maybe, 2gigs of ram to start with), and I had a simple question for any owners: how quiet are they? Should I be budgeting in having to buy a better fan for it, like I did for my PC, or do they come with pretty quiet fans?

    Edit: one more quick question about Macs... I\'ve searched on google for this but can\'t seem to find an answer. Does anye here know if I can use any sort of LCD screen with a Mac via some sort of adaptor or must I buy those terribly expensive (though I must admit, quite nice! ) monitors that they sell on their site? I don\'t really want to spend 700$ on a 17\" monitor when I can get a good 15\" one for 200.

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    Re: Question for G5 owners...

    I find my 17\" Mac monitor to often be too small for audio work (DP 4.12, etc.)- constantly moving windows. I cannot imagine the horror of a single 15\" monitor. When I get around to getting new monitors, I am going to use one with a small rim and place two or more side by sied. In your case, for the price of a Mac monitor, your could get two 15\" monitors. Be careful of compatibility issues -- digital (Mac) vs. analog input. The Sony monitors have both.

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    Re: Question for G5 owners...

    Quote Originally Posted by SecondPost
    I don\'t really want to spend 700$ on a 17\" monitor when I can get a good 15\" one for 200.
    I don´t really undestand why you are so worried about spending 700$ on a 17" monitor if you are already going to spend more than $3000 on a computer that (forgive me for that, but its true) barely pays its price. At least for someone that is going to work with audio. This is what you get for buying a Dual G5:

    1 - 400Mhz DDR SDRAM
    2 - AGP 8x Pro
    3- One 133 Mhz PCI Slot (64 bit) and two 100 Mhz PCI Slot (32 Bit)
    4 - Serial ATA; 7200 RPM
    5 - FireWire and USB 2.0

    At this point you may say "wait, but there is much more, I am sure that a dual G5 offers much more...". But that´s it. These are the relevant characteristics that matter for an audio user.

    Here is the deal:

    If you intend to work with audio, all you need is a decent processor. Are you going to run 50 instances of VSTs at one time? No? Good, then any Athlon or Pentium above 2 Ghz will do the job amazingly well. Are you going to use it for recording sessions? Excelent, I have good news for you! I used to do this job a 400 Mhz G4! And I still do in a 1 Ghz PENTIUM III ...

    Now, you will really need a 7200 RPM hard drive. That´s for sure. Even faster, if you can. Do you need to pay $3000 to have a computer with a 7200 RPM hd? No! It is standard in all $500 PCs around.

    You will need lots of memory. Is 2 Gb ok? Good, because every recent PC motherboard that I have checked supports 400 Mhz DDR. Wow, insn´t that the same standard in the "high end" G5 Dual?

    The same for the USB and Firewire.

    Now, back to your considerations about price...

    Its a waste of time speding a lot on a G5 and then buying a miserable 15" monitor because there is no money left!
    If you care about your money at all, take your time and buy a PC.
    If you don´t know how to buy a good one, ask a friend.

    Good Luck with your choice!

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    Re: Question for G5 owners...

    Don't hold back Guga. tell us how you really feel about macs!
    You're on a rampage today


    Steer clear of 15"ers, you'll want more real estate before you know it.
    And yes you can use an adaptor for other brands.

    good shopping

    oh, and I love my mac


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    Talking Re: Question for G5 owners...

    Quote Originally Posted by christianb
    Don't hold back Guga. tell us how you really feel about macs!
    You're on a rampage today

    I almost felt on the floor with laughs!

    You must know my oppinion then...


    Cya around

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    Re: Question for G5 owners...

    The adapter you need is an ADC->DVI adapter. It's not expensive.

    And I agree that you won't be happy with a 15" monitor. You can get a 17" one for not much more, and it's well worth it. Two 17" monitors are even more well worth it.

    Also, right now Apple is selling refurbished dual 2GB G5s for $2400. Usually I'd stay clear of refurbs, but the fact that they're been available for so long just before new models are due to come out makes one wonder...

    By the way, Guga is 100% right. Why would you find a Playboy centerfold attractive? Here's a list of what you get:

    1. two legs;
    2. two arms;
    3. hair, eyes, a nose, a mouth, and a neck;
    4. etc.

    You can get all that in a weathered old bag lady, and she's much easier to get, much more grateful, and just as good when the lights are out. Okay, so she smells a little, but big deal.

    I used to date centerfolds, but now I stick to weathered old bag ladies.

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    Re: Question for G5 owners...

    I won't argue with your choice to get a Windows machine - I have two of them in addition to several Macs of various vintages - but I will argue with your faulty logic.

    First of all, Apple and Microsoft could both be gone in ten years. I doubt it (Apple has been around since the late '70s and MS started shortly afterwards), but who the hell cares! Each computer year is like 20 years. Ten years is 200 years - in other words, anything you buy today is going to be worth a negative amount (you have to pay someone to take it away and store it) in about six years.

    So that's just ridiculous.

    Second, "learning an OS" is trivial. If you've used one, you can use the other almost immediately without any special training. There are ins and outs to each, but it's not like you're going to make an investment in learning something you'll never use again if you learn how to use a Mac.

    Third, everyone at Berklee must buy a Powerbook with a bundle of software when they enter. GPO is part of that, along with several other programs.

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    Talking Re: Question for G5 owners...

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf
    By the way, Guga is 100% right. Why would you find a Playboy centerfold attractive?
    Hey, hey... speak for yourself here! I do find Playboy´s centerfolds very attractive... your statement is pretty strange actually.

    I would never date a Centerfold indeed, they are too expensive. Let the centerfolds to soccer players and rap singers.
    I prefer the smart, anonymous women. They are just as beautiful as the so called "centerfolds", but are made of real flash. And they don´t mess with my credit card either.

    That´s the adequate comparison:

    A PC is as good as a Macintosh. Even better. It just doesn´t have all the glamour.
    If glamour is what you want, go get your centerfolds.

    As the "Old Lady" thing, I don´t know what you are talking about.

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