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Topic: OT: DVD-Burner?

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    OT: DVD-Burner?

    Hey ladies, I\'m again in need of assistance.

    What DVD-Burner would you recommend buying? I\'m looking for one that writes fairly fast, won\'t die within the first month, and is reasonably priced. I know you can get them fairly cheap these days, but there are so many... or are they all pretty much the same?

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    Re: OT: DVD-Burner?

    I\'ve had good luck with this pretty inexpensive Sony, around $100:

    SONY DRU530A DUAL 8x4x12x/DVD+RW 4x2x12x/DVD-RW 40x24x40x/CD-RW EIDE INTERNAL

    which I found for a very reasonable price at www. mwave.com

    The only real criteria I had when looking was for a name brand (hopefully for reliability) and the +RW -RW both, so I am no expert, but it seems to work very well (and quiter than most I\'ve heard).


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    Re: OT: DVD-Burner?

    Hi Aaron, I\'ve got an MSI DVD burner that writes at 8x speed.

    I haven\'t had any problems with it.

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    Re: OT: DVD-Burner?

    Also check Plextor 708. Long time the fastest burner. $220.

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    Re: OT: DVD-Burner?

    Sony just released a dual layer internal recorder over here - the DRU700A, with an external one to be released in a month or so. It\'s regarded as \'next generation\'.

    \'Dual layer\' means you get double capacity on each disk - 8.5gb instead of 4.7gb.
    It\'ll burn DVD+/-Rs at 8x, rewritable DVDs at 4x, and CDs at 40x.
    Speed\'s pretty important when you get into transferring that much data.

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    Re: OT: DVD-Burner?


    zipzoomfly.com has some 8x dvd burners..



    Alan Russell

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    Re: OT: DVD-Burner?

    Very cool! I didn\'t realize we were that close to having affordable DVD-9 burning. Now we should be able to author DVD\'s with studio-quality video.

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    Re: OT: DVD-Burner?

    DV Magazne has done some fairly extensive DVD writer reviews during the past months. I don\'t have them at hand, but if you can get the reviews it may point you in the right direction.

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