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Topic: Gary: When is the introductory price ending?

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    Gary: When is the introductory price ending?


    I\'m sure you can\'t be exact, but is the $249 \"introductory price\" which has been in effect since December really ending soon? I really want to get your product, but I need to wait until I can afford a computer memory upgrade, and like an idiot I bought RDRAM 18 months ago. It\'s obscenely expensive to get me from 512MB to what seems like the bare minimum of 1GB to run GPO. Should I buy this before I can use it to protect myself against an impending price increase?

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    Re: Gary: When is the introductory price ending?

    Isn\'t there an upgrade to GPO coming that will give us disk streaming, thus eliminating the need for oodles of RAM? Or was that only a rumour?

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    Re: Gary: When is the introductory price ending?

    Yes, the intro price will be ending soon. The price it is at now will be reserved for students only.

    DFD is quickly looking better as an option, less legal hassles, and we\'re trying to make it happen... it\'s not a rumor, but it\'s not confirmed yet either.

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    Re: Gary: When is the introductory price ending?

    As a non-owner (so far), I\'m impressed with the level of praise for Garritan products. However, there\'s an amount of uncertainty if I buy now, which is what\'s holding me back.

    Specifically, will this promised new feature release cost more overall if I buy now or wait? I read the other thread regarding this, and it was hinted that it would not, but it wasn\'t guaranteed.

    I\'m sure the value is as good as people say, but this would be an impulse buy for me, as I don\'t compose orchestral music but would rather have some orchestral colors for my other music.


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    Re: Gary: When is the introductory price ending?

    Brian, with Garritan you can never \"buy at the wrong time\". The BB add-on with be a seperate product all together, one which, everyone will purchase that wants it, and one which no one has to purchase of they don\'t. It will not affect the current lib, or other add-ons in the future, they are independant from each other...

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    Thanks for your advice Alan. I went ahead and placed an order today.


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