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Topic: EWQLSO used in a Classical setting

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    EWQLSO used in a Classical setting

    Here\'s a mockup of the first 8 minutes of Bruckner\'s Symphony No 0 which may be of interest to some to see this library in a classical setting. It uses the GOLD version and mainly features strings.


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    Re: EWQLSO used in a Classical setting


    It’s great to hear QLSO used this way in a purely classical context for a change, you make the library very tempting to those who have yet to consider it for this type of application.

    Those tutti passages are truly majestic. The hall is so convincing that one is forced to address the dreaded artificial vs. natural ambience debate yet again. Here you have generated several sections that are extremely authentic to my ears, one can tell you have a passion for the expansive Bruckner sound.

    I do have some trouble with some of the solo woods (clarinet and bassoon), but if QL adds some articulations to their solo instruments in the future, I believe there are many involved in classical style composition who will simply no longer be able to resist the sound of that hall.

    Great work and we’re looking forward to more.



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