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Topic: boy choir alternatives...

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    boy choir alternatives...

    Since Spectrasonics have adamantly kept their Symphony of Voices package at a steep $500, I can find no alternatives for quality boy\'s choir samples.

    The only sample I\'ve ever used is the \'boychoir\' patch I got from worrasplace.

    So, is there an alternative? I\'m sure many people would buy into that, given a quality alternative.

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    Re: boy choir alternatives...

    Doug already announced the VOTA 2 that will include boys choir...They´re going to record it this summer on the same QLSO hall and release it the begining of the next year...If it´s the solution you need to wait!!!

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    Re: boy choir alternatives...

    Actually, we have replaced the boy\'s choir with a rare eunuch\'s choir from Barcelona.

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    Re: boy choir alternatives...

    You should just get Symphony of Voices. It\'s worth every penny of $500. In my mind you should quit complaining and help the economy

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    Re: boy choir alternatives...


    And I don\'t believe that VOTA 2 will be cheaper than SOV anyway. If I recall correctly, they\'re planning on recording the choir at the same hall where QLSO and the QLSO updates were/will-be recorded. That will factor into the price also.

    I firmly believe that you pay for what you get. If you need boy\'s choir today, I agree that you should stop complaining about the price and just get it. I haven\'t heard any better to date (for boy\'s choir). That doesn\'t mean that we shouldn\'t try to find less expensive alternatives from time to time. However, if you can wait, it may be worth it to see what VOTA 2 brings. SOV is still a great library but was created at a time before we had some of the newer programming techniques that are common in today\'s libraries which may give some limitations by comparison. VOTA has the word-building utility which is very handy.

    If I\'m not mistaken Bela D Media will also be creating a boy\'s choir library at some point in the future. Keep in mind all of the hours of editing of the hundreds and (sometimes) thousands of samples that goes into these products as well as all of the programming of patches too. Nowadays, the programming is much more sophisticated than it was 5 or 6 years ago but, yet, the average sample library has not gone up in price.

    Just MHO,

    p.s. - sometimes you can get a library such as SOV cheaper at a retailer than by going through Ilio (Spectrasonics distributor in N. America). HTH.

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    Re: boy choir alternatives...

    VOTA 2? Is that going to be a completely new package, or an upgrade of VOTA? I just ordered VOTA yesterday, and if I thought there was going to be an expanded version on the way I\'d have waited. On the other hand, if VOTA 2 is going to be completely new samples then I\'ll quite happily stump up again.

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    Re: boy choir alternatives...

    Hi Pingu,

    We\'ll have to wait and see what the final package looks like but earlier mention by Doug or Nick (can\'t remember whom) was that these were going to be new samples and that there would possibly be an upgrade fee for VOTA 1 owners. We\'ll have to wait and see as they haven\'t even begun recording the samples AFAIK. I believe the session is booked as part of the QLSO upgrade recording later this suummer.


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    Re: boy choir alternatives...

    [ QUOTE ]


    Actually, we have replaced the boy\'s choir with a rare eunuch\'s choir from Barcelona.


    I could have sworn they were from Bologna.

    [/ QUOTE ]
    That\'s a load of Bologna. I have it on very good authority that they are from a Bar in Celona.

    But I need to know, Nick - are you also going to include the medium and well-done eunuch\'s choirs, or only the rare one? We in the States want to avoid contracting Mad Eunuch\'s disease...


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    Re: boy choir alternatives...

    Why are boys choirs so popular? I\'ve personally never cared for the sound. Some one should sample a girls choir.

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    Re: boy choir alternatives...

    A few experiences to share:

    Actually, we\'ve found that there\'s very little difference in tone when kids are at a young age. Tonal differences have much more to do with where the choir is recorded...cultural/musical differences are more important than the of the kids (at least until puberty hits of course!)

    A lot of boys choirs for recording have girls mixed in (because sometimes young girls are a little more mature and disciplined in their singing at that age). One of the solo boy samples on SOV is actually a girl, and its indistinguishable from the other real boy.

    The sound character of any children\'s choir has more to do with it being English or American or Japanese or Korean, etc. (and especially the age of the kids)

    Vocal Planet has a Japanese Children\'s choir on it that is mostly girls, and sounds really different from the SOV London Boys....mainly because of the culture and the age of the kids being younger.

    It\'s also extremely difficult to get the famous classical \"Boys Choir\" sound outside of the UK...most other countries don\'t have the long cultural tradition of the boys choir like England does....so there\'s many more young singers that have that training and tradition. We tried many groups in the US before deciding that London was the best place to get that sound...the difference in our experience was enormous.

    A good example of that is when the real US-based Boy Choir performances were actually replaced by SOV Boys Choir on Danny Elfman\'s \"Good Will Hunting\" score.


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