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Topic: PMI Bosen problem

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    PMI Bosen problem

    Hi all,

    I recently got the PMI Bosen piano plug-in which I use very successfully in Sonar 3.1.

    BUT when I\'m finished music making after using the plug-in and close out Sonar, WindowsXP gets real sluggish, i.e. the windows open slowly.

    My system is AMD1700+, 512MB SDRam, WD 40G 7200 rpm, Maxtor 40G 7200 rpm, Audiophile2496, Radeon 7500, WinXP.

    I\'m thinking it\'s a heating problem, possibly the CPU or the harddrive is too hot, but I\'m not sure. I don\'t know if this a problem with the limited RAM I have, the CPU, or the harddrive, my virtual memory settings..., or something else.

    Like I said I can use the plug-in without any real problems, although I have to watch how long I keep the sustain pedal down sometimes as the notes start tallying up. But on the whole I\'m able to play as I want.

    So my question is, what is this a function of, what do I need to upgrade (besides the whole system) to eliminate this problem?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Re: PMI Bosen problem

    Is that problem occurring ONLY when you have used the PMI Bos290 plug-in in Sonar, or does it also occur after using other (memory intensive) plug-ins or applications?

    If it occurs after using the PMI Bos290 Plug-In ONLY there may be something wrong with the memory management system in your system, even if the plug-in performs well. One important part of memory management is the swap file and it’s allocation on disks. NI recommends running the KOMPAKT engine with no swapfile but I guess you need it when Sonar is running full force. So,…

    Your system could use more RAM to begin with. Your current amount of RAM will cause the plug-in to allocate virtual memory (even with efficient DFD usage). It looks like XP has difficulties releasing the allocated memory after the session.

    You can check sertain things in the Windows System Task Monitor by pressing ALT+CTRL+DEL and looking at the list of processes that are running after you stopped Sonar. All applications that were running during the Sonar session should be terminated in this list. If any of them continues after stopping Sonar you can try to kill these processes by right-clicking on the process and selecting the appropriate option there. You can also monitor the swapfile size there and monitor how it behaves before loaidng the plug-in, after closing the plig-in and after closing Sonar.

    I must say that I have a similar problem on a P4 hyper threading machine after stopping Cubase sx or Logic (even when no plug-ins were used). Certain Cubase and Logic program code keeps runnig after I close these programs and XP gets very slow. I normally reboot to solve this.
    With hyper threading turned off there is no problem. AMD may have similar problems.

    Doctor Michiel Post

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    Thanks Michiel for the response.

    I checked to make sure the processes associated with Sonar are all closed out when Sonar closes. No problems there.

    I haven't seen this problem with any other memory intensive plug-ins. Would Giga-Studio be classified as such? I often use that along with Sonar but haven't seen this problem, even with bunches of instruments loaded. And I use Tassman 4.0 also. I know it's processor hungry but not sure about memory hungry.

    I haven't done any further extensive experiments but one thing I did do yesterday was: Open up Sonar, load and play with PMI Bos290 for only about 5 minutes, then close Sonar, and I DIDN'T have this sluggish OS problem afterwards. What I need to do is play the Bos290 for a longer time, like I normally do, and see if I have this problem. Would indicate the problem is more a function of time, ergo, possibly an overheating problem somewhere.

    By the way, my virtual memory setting (paging file size) is set at 1536MB, both initial and max. Somewhere I read this was a good setting for 512MB RAM. Does this need changing, possibly?



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