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Topic: Need help from sonar 3 users

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    Need help from sonar 3 users

    This is what is happening,Track 1-I recorded some string pads then I drew in controller #1 modulation . Track 2 -Recoded melody drew in controller #1 .Saved the project. The next time I opened it I could see the controllers on the main page. When i went to piano roll of track 1 You can see the controllers . When i went to track 2 I could not see the mod controller even thou you can hear them and see them on the main page and in the event list. I did a test on track 2 drew in new mod controllers saved and closed .when i came back the new controller data could be seen in the piano rolll. am I doing somthing wrong has any one else had this problem ? I don,t what to do a full orchestration then can\'t find controllers... Please help. thank you

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    Re: Need help from sonar 3 users

    You need to set Channel to Channel 1 in the Controllers view when you\'re using Track 2. Always make sure this is set to Channel 1 if you\'re keyboard controller outputs on Channel 1.

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    Re: Need help from sonar 3 users

    Thank you Hayden for your help every is working good

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