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Topic: OT: Recommendations for PC Video Capture card

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    OT: Recommendations for PC Video Capture card

    I currently work by driving my system through the SMPTE sync on video tape. I\'d like to capture the video and convert it to a PC format (.avi probably) so that I could work self contained on the PC instead of having to deal with rewinding and fast fowarding the video tape.

    Has anyone used any PC video capture cards that they are happy with? It has to be extremely accurate timing-wise in order to be useful.


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    Re: OT: Recommendations for PC Video Capture card

    The ADVC 100 by Canopus pretty much does the lot. Captures analog or digital and outputs analog or digital too. (Many cheap capture cards wont output analog) The analog output is handy if you want to throw some onto video tape, show a client etc.

    You also need firewire capability (or just buy a firewire card) to connect the ADVC to your computer.

    Some apps, like Vegas support preview to firewire too, so you can send a signal out through the firewire port to the ADVC 100 and into a television if you want.

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