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Topic: GPO Strings

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    GPO Strings

    I am using the version of Overture that came with GPO to create a musical score which I have exported as a MIDI file. I then imported that file into Logic, and am using GPO string sections as my plug-ins--my goal is to have a string orchestra consisting of Violin (1,2) Viola and Cello sections. My main problem is this: I can't find a string plug-in that will play the composition correctly. I have a broad range of note values--from very fast notes to slow ones. When I use, for example, the Short Bow GPO plug in, the playing is anything but legato during sections that are to be sustained! And if I use a more sustained GPO plug-in like Sus+Short, I get a massive increase in volume during the playing of longer notes, and yet any short notes playing at the same time are much softer. How can I best accomplish connecting the notes into a smooth legato string orchestra which sounds natural without unnatural and grandiose volume changes??

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    You'll probably get a better response if you post this in the Garritan section. I too would be interested in people's responses to your question. For now I just control the volume on the long notes with the mod wheel. Or in the sequencer. Some feel that the swelling sound is how a real orchestra would do it. I do find it annoying at times and have to do some tweaking to avoid sounding unrealistic. There is talk of an update. I hope that they add options that will help avoid some of these things.

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    In GPO legato is controlled with the sustain pedal. Play the first note of the run with the pedal up. Press the pedal before the first release. Play your run. Release the pedal just before you release the last note. (It's easier to draw this into the sequencer for fast runs.)

    The other critical thing for GPO is to "play" the mod-wheel. It can really bring your performances to life.

    As said, there's a lot more detailed help on the GPO forum. For instance there are some catches regarding the sustain pedal setup that they can solve, if you run into them.

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