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Topic: 20,000th post: GOS full & GIGA 160!

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    20,000th post: GOS full & GIGA 160!

    It's coming... :cue 'Jaws' music:

    ba bump... ba bump... bumbumbumBUMBUMBUMBUMBUM


    The 20,000th poster will recieve a complimentary (read: FREE!!!) copy of the FULL Garritan Orchestral Strings library, AND GigaStudio 160 with which to play the library on...

    Just thought I would give you guys an advanced heads up, as it will be coming in the next couple of days...
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
    Producer/Artistic Design | Content Producer

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    Oh dear.... let the spamming begin.

    Maybe this time I should try being a part of it instead of earning those things the honest way? I guess this would recude my frustration about the postflooding.

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    God, I would settle for the Giga 160 even thought the GOS full would be nice! Geezzzz how nerve racking!

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    Hope it doesn't land on me. Would just mean I'd have to pony up for yet another PC. A curse of a prize.

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    Oh dear, If I won all that, this dedicated Mac user for almost 20 years, would actually abandon everything he has ever believed in, including the tooth fairy, and purchase a PC, and sit in the lap of Bill and who knows what other non Apple horrors might occur.

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    And as usual, it looks like 20000 will happen on my way home from work. . .sigh.


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    Of course, this would happen after I already ordered GOS. Ah, well...

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    Why not remove the counter from our view and make it truely random?


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    Hell, I'll spam for a freebie
    Trev Parks

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