I am new to Overture. I like to use it because of the good MIDI implementation, but I do have a serious problem: After first opening GPO Studio and after Overture, Overture shows me all 8 GPO Studio Instruments in the device window -fine until now -. BUT In the Instrument Window there are only 2 GPO instances mentioned and they have each one 16 channels (?). In the Track window same thing = GPO 1 and 2, with 16 chanells each (????). This is on a PC with Windows XP

I also had try on a Mac, and here as soon as I open the Device Window Overture will quit.

Help will be highly appreciated


Edited: I did resolve this problem! But now there is another one....I did add a new track/stave it is directed to GP3 an the correct channel, but it does not sound while playing the keyboard. If I write some notes it will play.