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Topic: Mozart Symphony & PeerGynt Revisited

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    Mozart Symphony & PeerGynt Revisited

    Dennis Wijnker redid both the Mozart Symphony and the Grieg Peer Gynt Suite. Here are the links to the updated versions:



    This is the list of instruments used in the pieces:


    Flute Solo V, Fhorn Ovl FF, Oboe 2 Modern Solo, BB Clarinet Ens1+Ens2+Ens3, Bassoon 2 Solo, Vlns 1 Short Bows, Vlns 1 Sus+Short, Vlns 2 Short Bows, Vlns 2 Sus+Short, Violas Short Bows, Violas Sus+Short, Cellos Short Bows, Cellos Sus+Short, Basses Short Bows, Basses Sus+Short


    Flute Solo V, Flute Solo NV, Oboe 2 Modern Solo, Oboe 3 Modern Solo, BB Clarinet Ens1+Ens2+Ens3, Bassoon 1 Solo, Bassoon 2 Solo, French Horn 1 Ens1+Ens2+Ens3, French Horn 2 Ens1+Ens2+Ens3, Tpt Overlay, Timpani, Vlns 1 Sus+Short, Vlns 2 Sus+Short, Violas Sus+Short, Cellos Sus+Short, Basses Sus+Short, Vlns1 KS Combo

    Excellent interpretation, orchestration and balance. Thanks Dennis for revisiting an already splendid performance!

    Gary Garritan

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    Hi Gary,

    sounds really great .... hope, my GPO will arrive in a few days

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    Great Work!

    I just got GPO about a week ago, and have already tried my hand at rendering a Mozart Symphony with it, and I have to say it does take some work!

    However, it's fantastic to hear some of my favorite pieces being rendered with GPO. It is inspiring, and since I know I have GPO myself, and thus the ability to render music with the same realistic quality, it makes me feel . . . . powerful!

    I'll feel a little bad when I post my first work with GPO because of the abundance of talent I see on this forum that far exceeds my own!

    Great job! Thank you!

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