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Topic: I was thinking about the topic of section forming

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    link no longer works, thread below is newer version, sorry

    should have just edited this sigh. We cant delete our own posts?
    Nicole Davis

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    This mockup has a very rich sound. Which string ens. did you use to build this?


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    Re: I was thinking about the topic of section forming

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicole
    1st violins obviously had to use ensemble patch for tremelo and basses pizz. But the rest were made from the individual solo strings. Was just interested in the sound difference using ensemble building from all the solo strings compared to the sectional from the debate in general discussion. I agree with you that it sounds rich. It was just a test to see how different it sounded.

    how many solo violins did you use for the 1st violins legato? Did you combine, for example, Violin 1 Gagliano Ens 1, 2 & 3 then repeating this scheme for n-times to obtain, let's say, twelve 1st violins?

    Thank you,

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    A good night's work!

    A very successful experiment! Sounds very vibrant, real and present. A good test too because the string quality alone has to sustain interest and excitement, and it certainly does here.

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