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Topic: NFX Compressor (...)

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    NFX Compressor (...)

    Any news from anyone (Nemesys? Tascam? 3rd Party Developer) about the development of new NFX plugins?

    What about a compressor people?
    Much more useful than a Chorus, right, to the average user?

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    Re: NFX Compressor (...)

    I second Marteen\'s request...compressor is a lot more useful. Whoever thought up a chorus was smokin\' the funny stuff.

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    Re: NFX Compressor (...)

    Really? it\'s unmissable for basses

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    Re: NFX Compressor (...)

    Sorry dude, but you can use GS160 as a VSTi and put the Wave Native Gold compressor to work

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    Re: NFX Compressor (...)

    Yes, but only on low latency setups.

    A built-in Gigastudio compressor would be more efficient.

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