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Topic: Location of Libraries

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    Location of Libraries

    I am getting the Komplete 2 package this week. Can anyone tell me if this matters? My audio drive is partitioned into 2 80GB parts. My thought was to store audio on one & sample libraries on the other, but, what happens when Kontakt streams DFD in this case. Would this strain the hard drive more than some other configuration, say, songs I'm currently working on & libraries on one partition & other songs not currently being used on the other?
    I just want to set things up properly from the start.

    I have a PC w/ 1GB cpu & 1GB RAM, running Logic.


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    Re: Location of Libraries


    Thanks for the reply. I thought so. I'll look into your suggestion. And I kind of suspected I'd be starting to push it with the 1G MHz cpu. It never ends!


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