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Topic: Bach's Suite in D major by Chinablu

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    Smile Re: Vivaldi Guitar Concerto, Finally Completed


    it sounds quite "venetian", and you play the guitar with great lovableness. Very evocative.

    I did some further experiments to build small string ensembles in GPO. You can listen, if you wish, to a brief excerpt from Bach's Suite in D major: http://fc.retecivica.milano.it/~robe...o/suoni/BS.mp3

    This is the best I was able to get from GPO so far (don't pay too much attention to the reverb...).

    I think this is a good combination to emulate a 3 + 3 (three 1st violins, three 2nd violins) chamber orchestra:

    1) Violin 3 Guarn Ens 3
    2) Violin 1 Gagli Ens 2
    3) Violin 1 Gagli Ens 3
    4) Violin 3 Guarn Ens 1
    5) Violin 3 Guarn Ens 2
    6) Violin 3 Guarn Ens 3
    7) Violin 1 Gagli Solo

    The Gagliano's Ens2 & 3 add a softer tone that sounds good, to me, in the 1st violins section. The seventh track ("Gagliano Solo"), moreover, seems useful in order to add "roundness" to the 1st Violins.

    Now I would like to improve the Violas (Viola Ens1, 2 & 3), because sometimes I got an odd... accordion-like sound!


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    Re: Bach's Suite in D major by Chinablu


    I thought your work warranted a separate thread. So I'm splitting it to another thread (if I could figure out these new moderator controls).

    Excellent realization of a chamber orchestra. You did a fabulous job.

    Will you be doing more of Bach's suite? This is a good examble of ensemble building. I would like to post this on the GPO demo page when you are finished if you don't mind.

    Thanks for posting this.

    Gary Garritan

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