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Topic: Microphones

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    Hey all,

    This is a fantastic forum resource - thanks to all who contribute.

    I am in the market for one or two microphones. Primarily I want a general dynamic mic for some quick records, but I also need a higher end microphone (most likely condenser). I was looking into the Behringer B2 - does anyone have this one?

    I'm going to be recording a whole range of sounds and voices including some high female vocals. I will probably also be sampling several ethnic instruments so possibly something that is high grade but still reasonably affordable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Microphones

    Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from Behringer gear. A lot of people dislike the company for their unethical (yet unenforcible) business tactics, but my biggest problem with them is the shoddy quality of their gear from top to bottom. The B series mics from Behringer just sound bad, though, so you should steer clear of them.

    The way to go starting out is with either Rode or if you want something closer to the Behrninger price range, Studio Projects microphones. I own a SP C1, my brother owns a SP B1, and they are great condenser mics for the price (the B series for a flat response, the C series for a hyped vocal response like you hear on albums...no it doesn't sound like a Neumann). The next step up is a SP C3, but the Rode NTK is only a couple hundred bucks more and has a sweeter sound thanks to its tube. I highly recommend it.

    Check them out at their websites:

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    Re: Microphones

    Prices range from $100 to $10,000 per mic. Knowing your budget will help in making recommendations. Also, what will you be plugging these mics into?

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    Re: Microphones

    I agree with jazzbozo, the Rode NTK is a very nice mic for the price. I own one and it's a great mic! In fact I recommend Rode mic's in general. I also own a Rode NT3 and it's a great little multi purpose mic.

    I dont have anything againist Behringer, at least not as much as most people. They make cheap gear! And it tends to also sound cheap! But I think in most cases its good value for money. It all depends on what you want the gear for and what you can afford.

    I'm always in the mindset of pay a little more and get something that is good enough to last you a long time. Why buy cheap gear if you are just going to have to upgrade it, becasue you want something that sounds better. That goes for studio hardware btw.

    Good Luck with your research .

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    Re: Microphones

    I don't know what kind of recording you're doing, so it's very hard to recommend microphones.

    But if you're starting from absolute zero scratch:

    1) For your dynamic, buy a Shure SM-57. Not one of the fancy ones, the plain-jane 57. Everybody needs two or three of these in the collection. They are the ultimate snare drum mic, and one of the ultimate guitar cabinet mics.

    2) For your condenser, I would suggest a Rode NT-2000. Its continuously variable pattern, rolloff, and pad are state of the art, and it is (with the K2, the tube version of the same microphone) the best microphone Rode has ever made. You would have to spend $1000 more than this mic costs to get something remotely in its league.

    That's my two cents. These are two microphones that won't cost you a lot of money, but that you will continue to use for as long as you are working. Be sure to shop around--prices can vary widely from dealer to dealer.

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    Re: Microphones

    I agree with the criticisms above of low quality instruments: you get what you pay for.

    You will not get high quality, truly professional sounding recordings with cheap equipment. Now, maybe in your case that's just fine; possibly all you need is home studio/demo quality.

    Regarding "reasonably priced" mics, I've found the Rode stuff to be marginally acceptable. Audio Technica 4000 series mics are a bit of a step up, in general, and Shure KSM series mics to be fairly good, general use mics.

    There are others and you will get alot of opinions here - some conflicting.

    Just keep in mind: you get what you pay for


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    Re: Microphones

    I agree with the warnings concerning Behringer gear as well as the Rode recommendations: the NT-1000, NT-2000 and NTK are all excellent choices.

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    Re: Microphones

    Thank you all for your advice.

    Jazzbozo - based on what you say. I'm definitely thinking twice about Behringer. Thanks for the advance warning. I haven't had any dealings with this company and don't want to pick up cheap gear.

    Seanmccoy - I suppose my "reasonably priced" phrase was intended to generate some discussion on the issue since I didn't want to be locked into a price range. Thank you for addressing the fact that there are a wide range of prices from which to pick. I'm looking below $1000 at the moment. As far as a pre-mic, I'm going to be using the built in one inside my Mackie DFX12. I hope this will suffice, but maybe some of these mics might be overkill for what I'm using?

    Houston Haynes - I'll check out adkmic. What has been your experience with these ones.

    WayneSim - Good words about getting good equipment that will last. I truly believe in this as well. NTK and NT3 you say? I'll look into these. Thanks.

    Bruce - I am starting from absolute scratch. I've got some microphone recording experience. But not on my own. I've been doing strictly digital recording from my Giga setup and keys. I'm moving into recording some female vocals for some side song project. But also I need to pick up some mics to record instruments such as the oud, dutar, neh, several kawalas, several jaw harps, riqs, and a few others. I'm trying to build some quality Middle Eastern sounding sample libraries for myself.
    I'll definitely shop around.

    Runamuck - What do you think about the Shure SM-57 as a general mic? I'll look into the KSM.

    deOlivier - Thanks for the recommendations.

    Best Wishes


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    Re: Microphones

    Quote Originally Posted by Arya
    WayneSim - Good words about getting good equipment that will last. I truly believe in this as well. NTK and NT3 you say? I'll look into these. Thanks.
    I basically recommend Rode mics in general. Yes I own an NTK and NT3. I use the NTK for just about everything (vocals, guitars, even used a pair for drum overheads with good results). The NT3 I use on location as it takes a 9 volt battery, that can be used instead of phantom power. But it also doubles as a multipurpose studio mic.

    I also agree with the SM 57. It is cheap and you will always find a use for it.

    I must note that i'm no mic pro by any means. And I haven't used every mic under the sun. But I do know what I like. Your choices should be based on what you are using the mic for. Every mic sounds different and will suit different instruments better ect... "Trusted" reviews can also help make a choice. But dont trust a single review. Do heaps of research! And buy for "YOU" not what people suggest for "them".

    I totally agree with Bruce you MUST shop around! Prices are different every place you go!

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