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Topic: Peter Siedlaczek Classical Choir

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    Cool Peter Siedlaczek Classical Choir

    Ok, so I already have VOTA and SOV, (and a very understanding wife), both of which are fantastic, and I'm not looking to replace them. But I just came across the opportunity to buy the Siedlaczek Choir quite cheaply, (and my wife told me to just go for it).

    Is there anyone with experience of the three who could tell me, am I likely to ever reach for the Siedlaczek Choir for anything if I already have VOTA and SOV? I know "you can never have too many sounds," but seriously....

    The blurb says that the choir has a Czech sound, and I quite like East European choirs, but then the blurb is not going to say "sounds like every other choir" is it?

    Can anyone help me?

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    Re: Peter Siedlaczek Classical Choir

    Siedlaczek Choir has the best bass voices in my opinion...it has a thicker sound than VOTA and SOV and complement very well this libraries...but it has some useless samples!!!
    Leandro Gardini - classical/orchestral composer

    Pacific Ocean - http://www.pacificocean.com.br

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