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Topic: tick on Trombone Overlay

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    tick on Trombone Overlay

    I am experiencing a tick on the trombone overlay on D4--I think... it's the D a whole step above middle C. Is that D3 or D4? Seems that different programs have different opinions. Unless I'm not paying attention. Anyway! I'm playing a note at Velocity = 114, Mod wheel at 114. The figure is 8th notes D, C, B, and there seems to be a tick at the start of each note.

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    Re: tick on Trombone Overlay

    Yea, I hear that "tick" too. Only on the trombone overlay so far....strange. If I find a way to fix it I'll post it on here, no luck so far though.

    - Richard

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    Re: tick on Trombone Overlay

    Quote Originally Posted by jmc
    Is that D3 or D4?
    D4 is correct.

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    Re: tick on Trombone Overlay

    I'm hearing that tick too!
    It's the same tick I described in another topic just posted, about a tick in french horn 1 solo!

    Regards, Peter

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    Re: tick on Trombone Overlay

    Fixed in next update.


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    Thumbs up Re: tick on Trombone Overlay

    Man Tom you are awesome!

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