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Topic: PMI Bos demo - Tarkus Eruption (solo piano)

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    Arrow PMI Bos demo - Tarkus Eruption (solo piano)

    Since I just got the PMI Bosendorfer for GS, I thought I'd run a few midi files through it. I took a midi file of Tarkus by ELP, and soloed the piano track of Eruption, the first section. Makes a nice aggressive chaotic piece that actually sounds pretty cool as a piano solo. Really puts the piano's loud range to test. I love heavy and intense piano music. Slow stuff puts me to sleep I tweaked the midi data quite a bit to make it sound as natural as possible and work with the Bos velocity layers.

    PMI Bosendorder 290 - Wet 16 layers
    Slight eq to brighten a bit. No reverb.



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    Re: PMI Bos demo - Tarkus Eruption (solo piano)

    Great demo, I really like the middle section. Makes me wonder how Steve Reich's Music for 6 pianos would sound with such fortissimo piano settings!
    Checked your Brain Fever page and found the Votox demo (with that huge choir intro) very interesting. Good work!
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Thumbs up Re: PMI Bos demo - Tarkus Eruption (solo piano)

    Very good job, James! Keith Emerson would be proud. Oh man, the piano really sounds great.......(I've always loved Tarkus).........Gary M. Thomas

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