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Topic: Sonar3 and CubaseSX trick for setting instrument default load levels

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    Sonar3 and CubaseSX trick for setting instrument default load levels

    There has often been discussion about being able to load instruments into GPO at a volume level higher than the bottom travel point of the mod wheel (which is usually pretty quiet). If you are a Sonar 3 user there is a feature that makes this possible.

    To use this feature open a full page "track view." On the left hand side will be the "track/bus inspector," a convenient display of track fader, mute, solo, and record buttons. When the track view is opened to its maximum size four horizontal controller sliders are revealed in the space above the fader in the inspector. These are assignable. The top one defaults to cc91. Right click on it to bring up a menu. Choose the last item in the menu list, "Reasssign Control" which will open a box entitled "MIDI Envelope." Set the middle box (Value) to "1" and click "OK." The top horizontal slider will now show "(CC1)." Place your cursor over the top slider and it will reveal "CC1=64." Left click and hold as you drag to the right. The numbers will increment to the right and decrement to the left. Move the slider until it shows about CC1=85 and release the left mouse button. If you now save this as a normal Sonar song file you will have set a default level for that track's instrument the next time you load the song file. When you select the track you will find the instrument plays back at the slider setting when you play from a MIDI keyboard (without having to touch the mod wheel). More details:

    1. You must have an instrument in GPO assigned to the track at the time you save the song. An instrument loaded after the boot of the song file will not automatically receive the default setting - that won't happen until the next time the song file is opened.
    2. It is not necessary to have MIDI data in the track for this to work, just an instrument assigned to the track.
    3. If you make any changes to cc1 the instrument will return to standard behavior.

    This technique is especially useful for building templates. You can set the load level to any value you prefer. Keep in mind that this is just a convenience - continuous mod wheel expressive control is still required for the instruments to function as designed.


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    Re: Sonar trick for setting instrument default load levels

    What a convenient, logical, useful feature. I don't suppose there would be any way to accomplish this with Cubase SX or Logic Pro, would there? Probably not, but always hoping...........

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    Re: Sonar trick for setting instrument default load levels


    Actually there is a way to do this with CubaseSX as well. Basically the same 3 rules apply as above but setting it up differs. In CubaseSX go to the track inspector on the left and click on the "+" sign for "Inserts." There are 4 slots for inserts, choose the down arrow for the first slot. This will open the dropdown menu of choices. Choose "track control." In the bottom right-hand corner of the track control window move the "modul." slider to a value like 85. Now save your song file and the next time you load the song file the GPO instrument for that track will load at the level you specified.


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